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Radiance 3mg/30mcg 28 Tabs, Drospirenone, Ethinlestradiol

Radiance 3mg/30mcg 28 Tabs, Drospirenone, Ethinlestradiol
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Radiance 3mg/30mcg 28 Tabs, Drospirenone, Ethinlestradiol


Oral contraceptive with antiandrogenic effects antimineralocorticoid and also beneficial for women with fluid retention of hormone and the resulting symptoms and women with acne and seborrhea.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Do not use oral contraceptives (COCs) in the presence of any of the situations listed below. Must cease immediately the use of prepared if any of them for the first time during his employment:

• Presence or history of thrombotic / thromboembolic arterial or venous (eg, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, myocardial infarction) or stroke.

• Presence or history of prodrome of a thrombosis (eg transient ischemic attack, angina pectoris).

• History of migraine with focal neurological symptoms.

• Diabetes mellitus with vascular involvement.

• The presence of a serious risk factor or multiple risk factors for arterial or venous thrombosis may also constitute a contraindication (see Precautions).

• Presence or history of pancreatitis if it is associated with hypertriglyceridemia.

• Presence or history of severe liver disease while the liver function values ​​have not returned to normal.

• severe renal insufficiency or acute renal failure.

• Presence or history of liver tumors (benign or malignant).

• known or suspected neoplasms, influenced by sex steroids (for example, of the genitals or the breasts).

• Undiagnosed vaginal bleeding.

• Pregnancy known or suspected.

• Hypersensitivity to the active substances or any of the excipients.

RESTRICTIONS OF USE DURING PREGNANCY AND LACTATION: RADIANCE is not indicated during pregnancy. If a woman becomes pregnant while taking RADIANCE, discontinue administration.

However, epidemiological studies on a large scale have not revealed an increased risk of birth defects in children of mothers who used COCs prior to pregnancy or a teratogenic effect when COCs were taken inadvertently during early pregnancy.

The available data on the use of Yasmin ® during pregnancy are too limited to draw conclusions about the negative effects of Yasmin ® about pregnancy, health of the fetus or the newborn. Not yet available relevant epidemiological data.

Breastfeeding can be affected by the AOC, as they may reduce the amount of milk and alter its composition and therefore should not be recommended in general the use of AOC until the mother has not completely stopped breastfeeding. Small amounts of contraceptive steroids and / or its metabolites can be eliminated by milk.


How to take YASMIN ®: If taken properly, COCs have a failure rate of approximately 1% per year. This failure rate may increase in case of forgetting or incorrect taking the pill. The tablets should be taken in the order indicated on the package every day at about the same time, with a little liquid if necessary. It will take a tablet daily for 21 consecutive days. Each package will start back after an interval of 7 days without taking pills, which usually occurs during a withdrawal bleed. The bleeding usually begin 2-3 days after taking the last pill, and you may not have finished where appropriate to start the next pack.

How to start taking YASMIN ®:

If you have not used any hormonal contraceptive previously (in the previous month): The pills will begin to take on day 1 of a woman's natural cycle (ie, the first day of menstrual bleeding). You can also start on days 2-5, but then we recommend further in the first cycle a barrier method during the first 7 days of tablet-taking.

To replace a combined hormonal contraceptive (COC / COC), vaginal ring or transdermal patch: The woman should start taking YASMIN ® preferably the day after taking the last pill set (the last pill that contains principles assets) of her previous COC, but no later than the day following the usual tablet-free interval or the interval that took placebo pills prior to its AOC.

If you have used a vaginal ring or transdermal patch, she should start taking YASMIN ® preferably the day they retire, but no later than the day that would take place the next application.

To override a method based on progestin only (minipill, injection, implant) or intrauterine system (IUS) releasing progestogen: A woman can replace the minipill any day (in the case of an implant or a SIU, the same day of his retirement, whether it is an injectable when the next injection), but in all cases should be advised to use a barrier method during the first 7 days of tablet-taking.

After an abortion in the first quarter: The woman may start immediately. In doing so, you need not take additional contraceptive measures.

After delivery or abortion in the second quarter: For breastfeeding women, see Restrictions on use during pregnancy and lactation.

They advise women to start taking the medication on day 21 to day 28 after delivery or abortion in the second quarter.

Doing so later, he should be advised to additionally use a barrier method during the first 7 days of tablet-taking. However, if the woman has had sex, be excluded that a pregnancy has occurred before the actual start of COC use or the woman should wait to have her first menstrual period.

Action to take if you miss taking a tablet: Contraceptive protection is not diminished if taking a pill is delayed less than 12 hours. In this case, the woman should take the tablet as soon as you remember and to have to continue taking these tablets at the usual times.

If taking a pill is delayed more than 12 hours contraceptive protection may be reduced. The conduct to be followed in case of missed pills is governed by two basic rules:

1. Never stop taking pills for more than 7 days.

2. You need to take the tablets continuously for 7 days to achieve adequate suppression of the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian.

Accordingly, in daily practice may be advised that:

Week 1: The woman should take the last pill forgotten as soon as you remember, even if this means taking 2 tablets at a time. From there continue to take the tablets at the usual time. In addition, during the 7 days you should use a barrier method like a condom. If you have had sex in the previous 7 days, you should consider the possibility of pregnancy.

The more pills you have forgotten the closer usual tablet-free interval, the greater the risk of pregnancy.

Week 2: Women should take the last pill forgotten as soon as you remember, even if this means taking 2 tablets at a time.

From there continue to take the tablets at the usual time. Provided that in the 7 days preceding the first missed pill has taken the pills correctly, you need not take additional contraceptive measures. If not, or if you have missed more than 1 tablet, should be advised to take extra precautions for 7 days.

Week 3: The risk of reduced contraceptive reliability is imminent because of the proximity of the tablet-free interval following.

However, adjusting the scheme dragee-making, yet can prevent decrease contraceptive protection. Therefore, if you follow one of the following two options need not take additional contraceptive precautions, provided that in the 7 days preceding the first missed pill has taken all tablets correctly. If not, she should be advised to follow the first of the two options listed below and also take additional measures during the next 7 days:

1. The woman should take the last pill forgotten as soon as you remember, even if this means taking 2 tablets at a time. From there continue to take the tablets at the usual time. You should start the next pack upon termination of the present without interruption between packs. Is unlikely to have a withdrawal bleed until the end of the second pack, but may have spotting or breakthrough bleeding on the days you take pills.

2. He can also advise you to stop taking the tablets of the current pack. You must complete an interval of 7 days or less without taking pills, including in this period the days when you forget to take the tablets, then continue with the next pack.

When the woman, in case you forget taking pills, no withdrawal bleed in the first normal range without pills must be taken into account the possibility of pregnancy.

Advice in case of gastrointestinal disorders: If severe gastrointestinal disorders, absorption may be incomplete and will need to take additional contraceptive measures.

If vomiting occurs within 3-4 hours after taking the pill, you should follow the advice in case you have forgotten tablet-taking behavior included in follow if you miss taking a tablet . If she does not want to change their normal pattern of taking pills, take the extra pill or pills need another container.

Changing periods or how to delay a period: To delay a period the woman should start the next pack of Yasmin ® without leaving the usual tablet-free interval. You can keep this situation as long as desired until the end of the second container. During that period, the woman may experience breakthrough bleeding or spotting. Then leave the usual interval of 7 days without pills and resumed the regular intake of Yasmin ®.

To change the period to another day of the week to which women are accustomed to your current scheme, should shorten the next tablet-free interval as many days as you want. The shorter the interval, the greater the risk you do not have a withdrawal bleed and may experience breakthrough bleeding or spotting while taking the second pack (as when delaying a period).

Medication Name: Radiance
Comparable patent medicine: Radiance
Active ingredient: Drospirenone / Ethinylestradiol
Presentation: Tablets
Concentration: 3mg/30mcg
Extended-release tablets: No
Laboratory Liomont, Inc. de CV
Box of 28 Pills
Made in: Mexico

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